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Main stoneZircon
Electroplated18K White Gold Plated
Weight17 g
Length19 cm


has become very professional in Jewelry area in these 30 years. From the development of an inspired on drawings to finishing jewelry model, this changing is surprising you with these richness ideas, and also offer an opportunity to select strong aesthetic jewelry. own perfect design team and high level manufacturing workshops to produce wonderful jewelry for you.

The design team

is using the best designers and manufacturers to create and develop the collections of jewelry: they own talents and professional skills with their passion to design the perfect jewelry for us.

The production process

We have used high technology to produce our high quality products since 1981, including carefully choosing our materials. Our expert is creating amazing original design jewelry for special you.

All jewelry will be packed in gift box which has brand on top carefully. The box is covered with pink velvet and gray velvet. It is used to protect the jewelry against shocks and damage.

Before sending out each gift box, we will use Kraft paper box, which will be glued on the name and address.

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<Greenland Polar Lights>-"The Arctic"-The Classic Luxury 18k White Gold Plated Zirconia Bracelet

Towering mountains,huge white glaciers,majestic fjords and barren bare rocks are a panorama of Greenlan.In the winter,occassionally,there will be colorful polar lights appearing in the sky of Greenland.Sometimes it sprays to the sky as the colorful fireworks do.Sometimes it dances as the fairy holding variegated silks in hands,making the white Greenland become vivid.This classic elegant 18k white gold plated bracelet composed of over a hundred white round zircons gives us a heart to dream of future though we live in the common world..It mekes us keep a pure and cool Greenland glacier heart in the material world.
  • <Greenland Polar Lights>-"The Arctic"-The Classic Luxury 18k White Gold Plated Zirconia Bracelet
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    REF.: BAG05201BW

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